About Dr. Meag

What I Do

I spent the first several years of my practice listening to patient after patient tell me a similar story. They were feeling exhausted, depressed, anxious, and just blah. They had mentioned this to a few doctors and were shrugged off as “getting older” or at most, given an anti-depressant with no follow up.

This is not the best medicine.

As a doctor, I am here for my patients, not just their diseases. There is so much in the naturopathic toolbox for these issues and more. We don’t have to settle for just being okay. We can absolutely feel great.

I believe that symptoms are messages to let us know there is work to do. Now I specialize in working with the patients that feel like there’s no place for them in the mainstream medical system to get them results.

When I work with patients, I pour myself into them. I combine the knowledge and abilities of a doctor with the hands on approach of a health coach. I am regularly checking in for changes and guiding my patients on what to do next rather than sending them to just wait and google for themselves. I find that this model helps patients find results quicker. 

There’s no guesswork on the side of the patient as to what comes next and it helps me to not miss the small details that can become major clues into what is needed.

I utilize a combination of herbs, homeopathics, supplements, therapeutic diet recommendations, and lifestyle recommendations to address your ailments. 

I don’t have set protocols that are the same for each patient. No two patients are alike, even if they have the same complaint. I make custom herbal formulations that are individualized to a person, not just their ailment. I don’t believe in throwing a ton of supplements at a problem. I prefer a targeted approach that helps us to suss out the root cause of an issue. 

When I work with patients, the goal is always to help them completely heal so that they no longer need me or tons of supplements.