Frequently Asked Questions

Telehealth works very similarly to an in-person appointment, except that you can do it anywhere. You can have an appointment on your lunch break at work, at home with the kids, or in your pajamas. You will receive a HIPAA compliant zoom link when the appointment is scheduled. At the time of your appointment, follow that zoom link. We will spend 30-45 minutes talking about your ailments, history, and goals for treatment. Each visit is different because the approach is very personalized. By the end, you will have a plan of action. Custom herbs and homeopathics curated by Dr. Meag will be mailed to you.

After many years of practice, Dr. Meag knows what most patients need to truly heal. The average patient graduates after 3 months of dedicated work on their health. This package model allows Dr. Meag to be transparent about what the journey will likely entail, both with cost and with time committed.

This model of client care is truly the best of all worlds. It includes the accessibility of a health coach with the education and expertise of a physician, and a level of individualization that I have seen to be ultimately lacking in almost all healthcare models.

No. New labs are not required. Dr. Meag tries to avoid unnecessary cost by only requesting labs that are indicated and specific for each individual. However, please send any recent labs (past 6 months) with your new patient paperwork so that you can use what you have already run toward your new treatment plan.

Yes, they can. Just because something is natural, doesn’t mean it’s universally safe. This is why it’s so important to consult an ND like Dr. Meagan Purdy before adding supplements, herbs, or homeopathics to your health program. Dr. Meagan Purdy will ensure that anything she recommends will not interfere with your current pharmaceutical regimen and find substitutions when necessary.

There’s a good chance that she does work with your condition. The great thing about the holistic approach is that we get to treat you as a person, not just as your diagnosis, which expands our toolbox immensely. If you are still uncertain that she is a good fit, no problem! Schedule a free 15 minute consult with Dr. Meagan Purdy. You can discuss any questions you have for her during this time and leave knowing whether she will be the perfect fit for your ailments or whether a different type of practitioner would be a better option for your goals.

Insurance does not allow for the type of extended care that patients often need. Insurance works really well in the model of quick visits and a pill for every ailment but is not a great fit for the type of care Dr. Meag provides.

A 12-week coaching program that includes 6 appointments with the doctor, a 12-week supply of customized herbal blends AND homeopathic drainage compounds, educational content, and access to Dr. Meag for questions between visits is a one-time cost of $1799.

Those that wish to continue following the 12 weeks will enter a monthly payment system of $599/month. This is optional and you will never be automatically charged a recurring payment without requesting it.